What is going on here?

We divided you into five divisions of 15. For fun we named the divisions after areas in Westeros. (We also attempted to give you cool GoT inspired ranks, titles and aliases. If you hate yours email us with what you’d prefer to go by.)

Please, take a few minutes to click around and locate where you are and eye up the competition. If you need any help finding where you're at give us a shout.

How do I win?

Each participant turned in six picks. Whoever scores the most correct picks the fastest wins their division.

What are the tiebreakers?

1. Number of correct picks.

2. In-season order of death.

3. In-episode order of death.

So an episode one death is weighted more than an episode three death. Within a given episode who dies first will come into play.

What if we think they’re dead, but we don’t see it?

In order for it to count we have to see the character die on screen in Season 7.

Ex: Septa Unella is left as some kind of sick play thing for Gregor Clegane at the end of Season 6. At the start of Season 7 she could already be expired. We need to see her or her mangled remains on screen to know the met her end.

What do I win?

We don’t know yet. Last year we sent out LSG quote mugs and stickers to the top three finishers. Our first place finisher was also awarded a Jedi Mind Trick.