Episode Guide


All deaths for each episode are documented in order (first to last) here. If you're not caught up avert your gaze!

  • E1: Dragonstone // S7E1

    • From L-R: None.

  • E2: Stormborn // S7E2

    • From L-R: Obara Sand.

  • E3: The Queen's Justice // S7E3

    • From L-R: Tyene Sand, Olenna Tyrell.

  • E4: Spoils of War // S7E4

    • From L-R: None

  • E5: Eastwatch // S7E5

    • From L-R: Randyll Tarly, Dickon Tarly.

  • E6: Beyond the Wall // S7E6

    • From L-R: Thoros, Viserion, Benjen Stark.

  • E7: The Dragon and the Wolf // S7E7

    • From L-R: Petyr Baelish